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Hi there!
I'm Stone Yao, a grade 12 student currently studying at A.B. Lucas SS in London, Ontario. I'm an excellent student who has a high standing average mark within the school. I am also honoured to be one of the top 10 ranking students by grade in my high school. I have a great passion for computer science and mathematics. I am an incoming to the University of Waterloo for Computer Science Co-op for the class of 2027.

Personal Details:

    Lei(Stone as preferred) Yao


    Ethnic background:
    Han Chinese

    I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently


    University of Waterloo Honors Computer Science Co-op (Sept 2022-Present)
    I am an incoming first-year student at the University of Waterloo, studying computer science at David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science. I have great interest in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm. I am hoping to pursuit graduate school in USA after graduation.

    A.B. Lucas S.S (Sept 2018-July 2022)
    A.B. Lucas is the current school I am studying right now. I am currently in my last year of high school, and I plan to graduate in July 2022. During my time in school, I enjoyed doing science, math and CS-related course. I graduated with a final top six average of 98%.

    Masonville Public School (Jun 2016-July 2018)
    Masonville is the school where I got my primary school diploma. I started attending the school at the end of grade 6, in Jun 2016, when my family moved to London, Ontario, from PEI. At Masonville, I finished my ESL learning and prepared for high school.

    Sherwood Elementary School (Sept 2014-Jun 2016)
    Sherwood was the first school I attended in Canada when I emigrated from China to Canada. I did grade 5 and most of grade 6 years in this school before moving from PEI to Ontario. I also started learning ESL at this school.

    Changzhou Experimental Elementary School (Sept 2009-July 2014)
    It is the elementary school where I study back in China before moving to Canada. I spent four years in this school, from grade 1 to grade 4.

Coding Skills:

  • Visual Basic
  • Python
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C/C++

Things/extracurricular I do

Outside School Extracurricular:

I have been a part of the Air Cadets program since grade 7. My rank is currently Flight Sergeant, and I am waiting to get Warrant Officer Second Class. I have been a part of the flag party as a guard. I attended the remembrance day parade and guarded the memorial overnight. I have also taken leadership roles such as second in command, flight commander and deputy squadron warrant officer, where I command a group of cadets on parades and regular training. I am also an instructor, and on a typical weekly training night, I would teach lessons to lower-level cadets. I also passed the harshed selection of exams, file reviews and in-person interviews and got my offer to the pilot scholarship program. However, with the sudden appearance of COVID-19, I could not attend.

I have been with the cadet marksmanship team since grade 8. While being on the team, I attended competitions every year. Throughout the various competitions, I achieved a team bronze, a team silver and an individual bronze. My marksmanship skills improved throughout the years. I started as a backup member and worked my way up to the team's top shooter. I'm classified as a distinguished Marksman (top-level). Being one of the few distinguished Marksmen in my local squadron, I am happy and willing to pass my knowledge and experience in marksmanship down if in-person training resumes.

2019 Byron Remembrance Day Parade
2020 Markmanship Zone Competition
2020 Signing off Documents for Pilot Scholarship

Inside School Extracurricular:

For in-school extracurriculars, I participate in Robotics and Modle UN club. Because of the appearance of COVID-19 extracurricular in school was disrupted.

I am currently on my school's robotics team, and I'm a part of the coding team. Although I had been planning to join the team a few years ago, due to COVID-19, I was only able to join the team this year. Currently, I am the website manager in the coding team, where I manage and update the website based on the team's needs. Our teams website link is http://team6854.com/. I am also learning how codes work on our robots as I will also be contributing codes to our newly built robots.
Lucas Robotics team (FRC6854) logo

Model UN is one of the first clubs I joined when I started high school. I Loved the concept of simulating debates in the UN setting and enjoyed having meaningful discussions with peers. I attended many different conferences and tried solving real-world issues that had happened. Although due to the recent reform of the club, there aren't exactly any executive members. I am still taking a leadership role within the club. As a veteran member of the club, I took the responsibility of delivering general knowledge such as formality and the flow of the debate. I also had chances to help monitor and lead a few club meetings and discussions.

2019 Lucas Model UN conferences (I'm on the right)


In School Accomplishment/Awards:

  • 5 on AP Calculus AB final exam
  • 5 on AP Statistics AB final exam
  • AP Scholar Award
  • Canadian Computing Competition 2022 Certificate
  • Canadian Computing Competition 2022 School Champion Medal
  • Euclid 2022 Certificate
  • Euclid 2022 City Honor Roll
  • CI Cathy McKegney Award (Cadet)
  • OBEA Website Development Sr. Champion
  • Grade 12 Honour Roll Award of Excellence
  • OSSD

  • 2020 Hypatia Certificate
  • Grade 11 Honour Roll Award of Excellence
  • Grade 11 Top 15 Highest Standing Student
  • Highest Standing in Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Science
  • Flying Scholarship Award (Cadet)
  • Core Javascript and Canvas Programmer Certificate
  • Power Pilot Scholarship (Cadet)
  • 5 on AP CS A final exam

  • Grade 10 Honour Roll Award of Excellence
  • Grade 10 Top 10 Highest Standing Student
  • Highest Proficiency in Semester II Grade 10 Academic Science
  • Highest Standing in Semester I Grade 10 Introduction to Computer Studies
  • Top Level 4 Award (Cadet)
  • Top Marksmen Award (Cadet)

  • Grade 9 Honour Roll with Distinction
  • Regional School Board Math Contest Team 3rd
  • Beaver Computing Contest Top 25%
  • Marksmanship Competition individual 3rd (Cadet)
  • Marksmanship Competition Team 2rd (Cadet)
  • Glider Pilot Scholarship (Cadet)

  • Marksmanship Competition Team 3rd (Cadet)

Projects I Have Done


Contact Me:

Email: lei2003.yao@gmail.com

Phone: 1(226)-580-7388

WeChat ID: wxid_fdtldhuhlcb622